Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit
The Central Agency of Bangladesh to Fight against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
A robust financial system in Bangladesh effectively deterring money laundering, terrorist financing, proliferation financing and other related offences.
Putting in place effective legal, administrative and judicial arrangements for prevention of money laundering, terrorist & proliferation financing and other related offences; through-
  • Continual upgrading of AML & CFT legal and regulatory frameworks in line with the needs of evolving circumstances;
  • Maintaining broad based awareness of AML & CFT issues amongst regulators, law enforcers, reporting entities and the general people through workshops, seminars, public campaigns and so forth;
  • Developing human resources and required infrastructures of BFIU for effective intelligence management;
  • Building and bolstering detecting and reporting capacities of the reporting entities in different sectors to ensure better compliance;
  • Deepening liaisons among BFIU, law enforcement and judiciary to expedite investigation, trial and adjudication of ML & TF offences; and
  • Strengthening contact and liaison with foreign FIUs for better information exchange in ML & TF offences; with regional and global bodies for sharing relevant experiences and upgrading AML&CFT best practices and standards.